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Coaching over 10,000 Leaders 

Professional Growth at

Pivotal Moments

Digital coaching for behavior change 

Revolutionize the way you empower leadership and ignite collaboration in your organization with tailored growth plans for every employee.

Accelerate company goals and impact the bottom line with personalized development

A Proven Method for Behavior Change

Where science meets real-world success

Seamlessly integrate digital learning and coaching into your employees’ everyday workflow, promoting cross-functional alignment and improved organizational communication.

Here are sneak peek at our unique approach :

Dedicated 1:1 Professional Coaching at a time that suits your employee backed up with relevant resources and action plans.


Harness real-time guidance in those pivotal moments to master and practice new habits with Micro-Learnings.


Engage in Group Coaching to fine-tune their approach for lasting impact.


The feedback from my team 

 has been phenomenal.

Head of People Operations

Erin McCann

"Stride is enabling us to provide ongoing support to our teams when needed, in the moments that matter, and providing insights that help shape our strategy. We're committed to developing a culture of accountability and high performance"

"I've been itching to get back and share my thoughts on my last chat with Sara. I've been doing a ton of soul-searching since our last call.


Our second session has been a real eye-opener for me. I started with a boatload of doubts, but somehow, Sara managed to cut through the noise and figure out what's been holding me back and what kind of questions I should be throwing at myself. Really grateful for Sara's insights and support. Looking forward to another powerful session!"

-Karla Bautista

Director of Customer Experience, Attain 

Holding the space for employee growth

Meet Our Coaches

Our Holistic Approach

Merge behavior change, technology and insights for long-term adoption

At Stride, we provide a personalized development experience in the moments that matter.  Every pivotal moment and challenge presents an opportunity for employee growth.

Our approach interlinks scientifically-backed behavior change methods with integrated technology, to harness valuable insights that inform your People Strategy. 



Behavior Change

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