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Hear directly from our amazing clients.

What Does


Look Like?

Erin McCann

Head of People Operations

"Stride is enabling us to provide ongoing support to our teams when needed,  in the moment that matter and providing insights that help our strategy. We're committed to developing a culture of accountability and high performance at 86 Repairs." 

Daniela Santos

Before Stride, my job application process was narrow-minded. I was eager to land my next role soon which led me to apply to anything and everything that I felt qualified for. 

With Stride’s coaching support, I was encouraged to take a step back and consider what I’d like my next role to look like. This helped me realign my job search with my career goals and understand that a more intentional job application strategy helps my applications express more genuine interest in the roles I apply for which can make me a stronger candidate.

Stride also helped me prepare for the second-round panel interview that led to my current job. My job coach, Gretchen, met me where I was and understood that I did not need an interview prep 101 course. Instead, she was able to help me be confident in my preparedness and trust my instincts.

Without Stride’s support in helping realign my job search with my career goals or their support in building up my confidence levels in a way that’s authentic to me, I’m not sure if I would be in the role I’m in now, thank you Stride!

Courtney Davidek

Sales Representative

"I love Stride, after working with my coach for a quarter, I had the best sales month of my entire career! Stride is a true game changer!"

Bryan Netzly


"As CFO, I'm always concerned about the ROI of new programs. After piloting Stride, I was shocked by how much value the digital coaching experience provided. We were so impressed with the level of coaching, we immediately rolled it out to our entire Senior Leadership team."

Jennifer To

People Ops Manager

We've incorporated Stride's Career Transition Services into our severance agreements. The solution is cost-effective and we've received so much positive feedback from those who have utilized the service. It has proven to be a valuable addition for our employees during  very difficult times. 

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