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Integrating digital coaching with the communication tools you use every day is key. With Stride, we make this integration effortless, prioritizing Slack or Microsoft Teams to keep your communications secure and straightforward.

Simplify Communication with Slack and Microsoft Teams

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What you will experience

Instant Notification

Session Reminders

Direct Replies

What You’ll Experience

With Stride, your team will enjoy instant notifications, session reminders, and direct communication with your coach via your preferred platform, ensuring a seamless and efficient coaching experience in the flow of work. 

Engage with your coach by replying directly to messages within Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Direct Replies

Never miss a coaching session with timely reminders.

Session Reminders

Receive immediate alerts, resources, and tasks directly from your Stride Coach, all within your preferred communication platform.

Instant Notifications:

Request Access

Contact to initiate the integration process.

Engage & Interact

Once integrated, interact with your Stride coach, receive messages, and stay updated, all within your communication platform.

An administrator from your organization will be guided through the installation process by our Customer Success Manager. The Stride bot will be added to your Slack workspace or Microsoft Teams.

Admin Installation

Easily integrate Stride by requesting access and letting our Customer Success Manager guide your organization's administrator through the setup, adding the Stride bot to your preferred platform. Once integrated, you can seamlessly engage with your Stride coach within your communication platform.

How to Integrate


An individual, either from your company or Stride, who adds the Stride App to the workspace.


Members of the workspace interacting with the Stride platform


This could be your existing Slack workspace, a new one your company or a Stride employee created.

Stride Integration Components

Every Stride integration involves three essential components

Integration Scenarios

Traditional Integration:

  • Workspace: Client’s existing Slack workspace.

  • Users: Existing members of that workspace.

  • Admin: A client company admin, e.g., Head of HR or IT.

  • Requirement: Approval of the Stride Slack App.

Stride-Owned New Workspace:

  • Workspace: Created by a Stride employee.

  • Users: Invited by the Stride employee to the new workspace.

  • Admin: The Stride employee who created the workspace.

  • Actions: Invite users and add the Stride App.

Company-Owned New Workspace:

  • Workspace: Created by a client’s employee.

  • Users: Invited by the client’s employee to the new workspace.

  • Admin: The client’s employee who created the workspace.

  • Actions: Invite users and add the Stride App.

Stride understands the importance of secure and straightforward communication. Our integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams are designed to offer you an integrated and secure coaching experience, meeting you where you are and enhancing your employee’s path to professional growth.

Secure and Simplified Communication

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