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Elevating Growth, Celebrating Success

Dive into a collection of inspiring narratives with our “Stories of Impact”, where we spotlight progressive companies that are champions of change. These trailblazing organizations have placed their people at the heart of success, providing them with the tailored resources and support they need to thrive, grow, and navigate pivotal career moments.

We Meet Employees Where they are to Enable

Company Excellence

Comfort in Difficult Conversations

Increase in feeling more comfortable having difficult
conversations with colleagues.


Created a Safe Space to Take Risks

Agree or strongly agree that coaching helps them feel safer taking risks and making mistakes.


Overall Coaching Benefits

Agree or strongly agree that coaching provides them with the tools and resources to do their job better.


Culture of Accountability

Increase in agreeing that coaching helps hold them and their teams accountable for results.


Unlock the full potential of your teams: nurture leadership, build accountability and promote a collaborative, inclusive environment where every employee and the business thrives. 


"Stride supports our StrongMind employees to be accountable and promotes the ‘Stronger Together’ approach. We’re excited to offer Stride to even more areas of the business "

- Ty Bathurst

Chief of Staff, StrongMind

"Stride's group coaching has truly been a game-changer. Our coach provides specific resources that directly address our needs. It feels personalized and relevant and has been pivotal for our team's growth. Just last week at a leadership offsite, I watched multiple leaders communicate with incredible intention and curiosity, directly reflecting Stride's impact."

- Katie Kammes

Learning & Development, Senior Lead

Helping thousands thrive with life-changing coaching

Join the movement to revolutionize your organization with dynamic development  programs that meet your employees where they are. 

Amplify Team Engagement and Collaboration to Foster a High-Performance Culture

Erin McCann

Head of People, 86 Repairs

Drive Profound Employee Development and Shift Culture

Ty Bathurst

Chief of Staff, StrongMind

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