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We believe in the power of personal and professional growth. Our Performance Coaching services are designed to help you unleash your true potential, achieve your goals, and elevate your success.

Read on to discover the tangible and intangible benefits coaching services provide and how we measure impact.

Uplevel your Impact and Add Value


per month

One 1:1 Live Coaching Session


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Two 1:1 Live Coaching Sessions


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Three 1:1 Live Coaching Sessions

Increase in

Organizational Performance


Increase in

Team Performance



Increase in

Individual Performance

A Metrix Global study* found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention.

What kind of results can you contribute by participating in coaching at work? 


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) reports the following statistics on the benefits of executive coaching:

Harness Growth through Accountability

How we Measure Growth

Quantitative and Qualitative Impact Metrics

At Stride, we believe in the power of coaching and skills development to foster professional growth and drive organizational success. We measure growth through a balanced combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics, ensuring a holistic view of progress and outcomes.

Observe and measure shifts in behavior that lead to enhanced professional conduct and interaction.

Behavioral Change

Assess improvements in individual performance linked to organizational outcomes.

Coachee Performance

Analyze employee retention to gauge the effectiveness of our programs in fostering a supportive environment.

Retention Rates

Track the achievement of set objectives to monitor progress and success.

Goal Attainment

Quantitative Impact Metrics

Monitor the longevity of the coachee within the organization, indicating satisfaction and alignment with organizational goals.

Coachee Retention

Assess the level of engagement and participation in the coaching process which reflects the value found in the sessions.

Coachee Engagement

Measure the increase in an individual's belief in their ability to achieve goals.


Evaluate the adoption of new, productive behaviors and the shedding of unproductive ones.

Learning New Behaviors

Collect feedback on the coaching relationship to ensure alignment and positive engagement.

Satisfaction with Coach

Qualitative Impact Metrics

Our approach to measuring impact combines these diverse metrics, to provide a comprehensive insight into the effectiveness and value of our coaching programs. 

By evaluating both tangible and intangible outcomes, we offer a complete picture of the transformative journey, aligning individual growth with organizational advancement.

Balanced Approach for Comprehensive Insight

Invest in you to reach new heights. Our performance coaching is designed to help you unleash your true potential, achieve your goals, and elevate your success.

Your Success Today is

Your Future Success

Your People's Success is Your Success

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