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Unlock your Full Potentialwith Performance Coaching

We believe in the power of personal and professional growth. Our Performance Coaching services are designed to help
you unleash your true potential, achieve your goals, and elevate your success.

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What can you expect from coaching?

Let Stride be your partner on your journey to personal and professional excellence. Our Performance Coaching services are the catalyst for unlocking your true potential and achieving the success you deserve.


Improved Communication

Career Advancement

Sustainable Results

Stress Management

Enhanced Productivity

Leadership Development

Personalized Guidance

Confidence and self-Esteem

Goal Acheivement

Uplevel your Impact and Add Value

Read on to discover the tangible and intangible benefits coaching services provide and how we measure impact.

per month


One 1:1

Live Coaching Session

per month


Two 1:1

Live Coaching Sessions

per month


Three 1:1

Live Coaching Sessions

Empower Growth through 

Measurable Outcomes

Increase in

Organizational Performance


Increase in

Team Performance



Increase in

Individual Performance

A Metrix Global study* found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention.

What kind of results can you expect by providing coaching at work? 


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) reports the following statistics on the benefits of executive coaching:

- Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Clarivate

Khoa Bui

"Niels was very understanding and took the time to [help me] acquire new perspectives on how to approach work-related problems. It was a breath of fresh air and will make my work a lot more manageable in the long run."

-  Launch Integration Engineer, Relativity Space

Briana Taylor

"I feel empowered and encouraged to keep learning and developing my skills."

-IT Associate, Relativity Space 

Terri Riley

" I'm learning how to navigate through life by bettering myself and this has been a great experience with my coach giving me advice on what steps I should take to benefit myself in the workplace and outside of the workplace as well. My coach is very insightful and I have learned that I need to clear my mind before I try to start my day well and take breaks when I am overwhelmed."

-Senior Program Manager - Benefits, Clarivate

Krystina Lesiak

" Coach Sara is fantastic. She really takes the time to listen and understand what I am asking and meets me where I am to help and give me techniques to use. I leave my sessions feeling excited about moving forward in my role with new tools to use."

- Global Director of Creative Production, StrongMind

Jessica Jenkins

" I can't say enough about Bill! We hit it off right away and he helped me walk through and plan action items for a current work issue. It was exactly what I needed for the issue and I am super grateful for his guidance."

- Sr. Director of Sales, StrongMind

Brad Seiber

"Gretchen is the absolute best. She listens and provides valuable feedback that has helped me each time. I can not express how much she has helped me."

- People Operations Lead, 86 Repairs

Katie Kammes

" I love that 1:1 Zoom coaching is a space specifically for me to discuss problems that I can then work to unblock. Even if the solution ends up being simple, I'm more likely to be successful in this intentional space to think about it."

- Life Sciences Consultant, Clarivate

Maria Giorgalli

"My coach quickly grasped my current situation and offered thoughtful and tailored guidance that aligned with my personality. Together, we developed an approach that addresses both my emotional anxiety and my professional aspirations. I love how easily she can put on 'my hat' on her!"

Invest in your people to foster an environment of continuous learning, growth, and cross-functional achievement. Ready to get started?

Your People's Success is
Your Success

Your People's Success is Your Success

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